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Marketing Tips For Musicians

On this episode Last time we talked about how to promote your music and we kind of touched on marketing but this one tip is all about marketing. I am an artist myself and the techniques that I’m about to explain are exactly what I use to get more attention, more gigs and sell more music. Marketing is a fancy word but it’s just another way of saying: The Internet is a great place to communicate your music. People are always with a phone in their hands and that’s where the attention is. So all you need to do is make sure that they get your content so that they can give you their attention.

Even if you have 2,000 followers that doesn’t mean that every time you put a piece of content out, it will reach 2,000 people. No no no no no! Only 10% of your all audience will actually see your content. Most social media rate the content based on how quickly people respond to it, how much they share it, how much they interact with it. So if you have good quality content, it’s going to do better but still you’re not going to reach all the people in your subscriber list. So you have to produce more content! Professional marketers put out as much as Claudio, how can I put 7 to 25 pieces of content daily? You don’t have to create. You have to document! Take your phone take a picture of yourself working on your new track. Take a video of you playing in a club and then cut it into little snippets that you can post one after the other. Put yourself in front of a camera the way I am doing right now.

Shoot a little series of videos in one day and then edit bits of it and release them little by little. Invite your musician friends and have a chat with them. Put that on video, put that on a podcast. You can batch create your content and release it little by little so that the people see a constant flow of content coming from you. That really works! When you do live events, collect people’s emails and then send them good content. Give them nice videos of you doing your thing, give them a freebie, a free download. Print a t-shirt with the name of your band and give out 3 for free in exchange for email addresses with a Facebook form. I know it sounds a little bit overwhelming but the difference between the musician who doesn’t do that and the musician who does that can mean success or failure.

So what you’re going to do? I think that the most important rule of marketing is not how wide you go but how deep you go . Try to be honest on your content. Try to be compelling with what you say and with your music to begin with. Give people your perspective on music. Show them behind the scenes. Show how it is to be a musician cause everyone wants to be an artist. Document your journey into becoming an accepted artist and share it with your public. If you become good at it, you will experience success at a level you never imagined. In conclusion: If you find it useful, please share this tip and see you next time. .

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